May. 13th, 2017 02:08 pm
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The Phouka had been to the library and he'd come home with many books. Books on sailig ships, books about puppies, a book about a monster at the end of the book. But the book he'd selected to read was a bright book with long pages and colourful illustrations. He was so adept at reading now that he didn't need to keep his finger on the page to sound out the words.

"My name is Nicholas and I live in a hollow tree," he read aloud. He smiled at the small bunny that had a gayly decorated tree house with a bright red door.

"Hello, Nicholas. I am the Phouka. I also live in a hollw tree," he told the book. "I live here with my truest friend an lover, Winter Wisp the pixie."

He turned the page and expected to hear more about the tree house.

"In the Spring I collect flowers." He paused at that news.

"It is Spring. I should collect flowers as well," he told the book. The Phouka looked around the gardens they lived in and wondered what he should pick. He wondered what flowers Winter would like most.

He closed the book and got up to take them all inside where he could ask Winter his opinion.

"Winter, we need flowers. It is Spring," he caled out.


Jul. 27th, 2016 12:02 pm
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The Phouka was lonely. He flew about the city in his Raven-self, observing mortals to try to find something that would catch his attention. The prince was quiet and rarely came out of his room, leaving the Phouka to bring him shiny trinkets. He didn't even have Keat's companionship.

This was, in his opinion, ridiculous.

He went to the hotel, Man-shaped, and he found Finlay's room. Riding the lift he knew he wanted only to see Winter. He did not care for the troubles between the prince and his love. He did not care. He cared only for Winter and he missed the pixie's light and company. So he found himself at the door and he knocked, hoping it would be Winter who answered.
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Phouka woke up terribly thirsty and smacked his mouth trying to make some spit. He felt Winter nearby and rolled to press against him. One arm made to pull the covers up to keep the light out and he woke with a start when he was suddenly drowning in blankets. He fought them off and sat up, shocked to find himself pixie sized.

But then the night came back to him- the party, the liquor and cream, Winter shrinking and fading and freezing and th prince rescuing them.

Oh, he thought, we are going to be in such trouble.

But before he did anything else he smoothed a dark hand down Winter's pale arm to see if he was still cold.

"Wake up, pixie," he said. "Wake for the new year..."


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